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I'm A Runner...What Can Physical Therapy Do For Me?

Friday, March 31, 2017

One of the things that always strikes me is the number of people who accept pain without trying to find a solution for the problem!  I've had conversations that include something like, “My knees hurt because I am getting older.” Or, “I have trouble on stairs because I'm a runner.” Another favorite is, “Sometimes I have pain, but a PT is just going to tell me not to run, so I haven’t tried that.” Or, “I'm in great shape!  I run 5x a week. I'm just working on setting a new personal best – no way a PT can help me!”‚Äč

“PTs hate running” – Not True! Many of us are runners ourselves! We don’t make everyone stop running.  If we can find a way to correct your mechanics and alleviate your symptoms while you are still running, we will keep you on the road! Now, we may ask you to adjust some of your training routine to allow your body to recover more quickly, but our goal is the same as yours – to get you running, walking, or moving, without pain!

"There is nothing PTs can do to help a healthy, pain free runner.” Again, Not True!  There are many muscular and joint imbalances that can exist in the leg and low back due to the seated position most of us utilize at work. Even if you don’t have pain with running, you may have imbalances and those imbalances may make you inefficient when running. If you are not moving efficiently, it is really difficult to deliver a peak performance and set a personal best in a race. 

Joint Ventures has a program specifically designed to work with healthy runners to help improve performance. During our Running Performance Evaluation, a PT will video you running, break down the different phases of your stride, and in conjunction with some specific testing of strength, mobility and motor control, create a corrective exercise program. The initial assessment is followed by 2 more sessions, at 10 days and then 6 weeks, to review and progress the corrective exercises prescribed. In the final session, the PT will also do another video of you running, to see how your form has improved.  For more details, check out our website by clicking here.  

And, we would love to hear how your times are improving!  Check out our social media links on our homepage under "Stay Connected" and let us know!

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