Massage Therapy

At Joint Ventures Physical Therapy and Fitness, we believe massage can play an important role in wellness and fitness. Our massage therapists are chosen based on their ability to work with people who have relaxation needs, but also their ability to work with people who have other injuries or dysfunction that may need special attention or care. Massage often plays an integral part in complementing the complete care of our patients. Whether you are looking for just a great massage, or if you need to add massage to your current treatment regimen, Joint Ventures should be your choice for the best in Boston.

Each of our therapists have been trained in different types of massage - including deep tissue, myofascial release, hot stone massage, sports massage, and many other treatment techniques. If you are looking for a specific type of massage, check out the bios for each of our Massage Therapists under the Our Staff tab. We also have male and female massage therapists at each of our offices for your comfort and convenience.

Our massages range in price from $50-$150 depending on the length of the service, type of service and practitioner.

If you have questions about massage therapy at Joint Ventures, please contact Mike Greenfield, at: or you can call 617-536-1161 to get more information or to schedule your massage.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga is the ultimate "lazy man's yoga" along with the benefits of traditional massage. This 1,000 year old form of bodywork is the simple way of obtaining the strength and flexibility of yoga without having to do it yourself. The secret of Thai is that it enables you to stretch and massage your muscles and to balance your energy level which directly affects flexibility and equalizes the effects of muscles on both sides of the body. With it's unique ability to stretch and massage all the most important muscles in the body systematically, Thai-manipulations enable you to achieve effects that are unlike those of other bodywork. Thai yoga bodywork is done fully clothed and entails a sequence of soft tissue pressing, stretching, twisting and joint manipulations. The tools of the Thai therapist are fingers, palms of hands, elbows, heels, knees and head.

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