Cameron Bergeron CSCS


Personal Trainer

Contact Information
617-536-1161 ext. 122

Practice Location

Kenmore Square


UMASS Lowell
Exercise Physiology
B.S. 2013

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Functional Fitness Specialist
Burdenko Method Specialist

Clinical Interests

I use my own personal injuries/imbalances, education, and experiences to help my clients with their balance, coordination, flexibility, mobility, posture, sports conditioning, functional fitness, agility, activities of daily living, and much more. I have worked in gyms, wellness centers, athletic complexes, and multiple physical therapy facilities. I have been trained in the Burdenko land/water method twice. Once for physical therapy and once for sports specific conditioning. Water training, especially deep water training is highly important to increase performance in athletes and injured individuals. My motto is “It’s not the weight on the bar, but the manner in which you move it.” I run Fall Prevention, Body Awareness Seminars, and a self developed class called Tai-Yo-Ba. These 3 classes are dedicated to helping seniors stay functional and mobile as long as possible. Being a certified strength and conditioning specialist, I have the ability to work with division one athletes and above. I love a challenge, whether you are an athlete looking to increase your ability level or are injured and just want to get back to normal life, I will help you reach that goal.

Personal Interests

I was a varsity high school tennis player and continue to play from time to time. Besides for tennis, I am an extreme sports lover. I spend my free time riding dirt bikes, jetski, and all terrain vehicles. I have a family disease that affects the lower body with tightness and neuropathy. Due to this disease I truly understands what the older population needs so I work with multiple senior centers helping individuals regain balance, coordination, flexibility, and mobility.

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