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Adam EngelmanPersonal Trainer
Alicia RomanoRegistered Dietician
Alyssa BallesterosAdministrative Assistant
Amanda LeBelBilling Coordinator
Ammon Embry-PelrineMassage Therapist
Andrew FiolaSports Chiropractor
Andrew MillettClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Anne Marie DanglerAdministrative Assistant
Anthony DallesandroMassage Therapist
Ashley LevesqueYoga Instructor
Ashley PicardSenior Administrative Assistant
Ashton ZarnaAdministrative Assistant
Brent ButlerClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Cameron PulsPhysical Therapist
Casey HeffernanClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Cathy HardiePhysical Therapist
Chris ClockPhysical Therapist
Chris GellertPhysical Therapist
Chris LarsonPeronsal Trainer & Massage Therapist
Christina BeachyPhysical Therapist
Christine MinceAdministrative Assistant
Claire JacksonPhysical Therapist
Craig HamiltonMassage Therapist
Daniel BrownridgeOwner & Physical Therapist
Danielle LandryAdministrative Assistant
David LarsonOwner & Physical Therapist
David ThuPhysical Therapist
David WatsonPhysical Therapist
Dawn JordanMassage Therapist
Diana PruzinskyHealth and Wellness Coach
Dorothy HaydenAdministrative Assistant
Elizabeth SianMassage Therapist
Erica SaccoccioClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Erin FutrellPhysical Therapist
Erin TomasikClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Franklin MarceloMassage Therapist
Heather SullivanPersonal Trainer
Jaclyn FehrenbackPhysical Therapist
Jennie SilvaMassage Therapist
Jennifer WashkevichPhysical Therapist
Jessica DouglasDirector of Clinical Operations & PT
Jessica SimbroPhysical Therapist
John FitzgeraldPersonal Trainer & Massage Therapist
Justin SorboMassage Therapist
Karl BowerAcupuncturist
Kathrine BrightPersonal Trainer
Katie WoznickAdministrative Assistant
Kayla McAuleyAdministrative Assistant
Kevon PlouffePersonal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist
Kim DragonDirector of Billing
Kristen HardinPhysical Therapist & Personal Trainer
Laura DemchukPhysical Therapist
Laura FetkoMassage Therapist and Personal Trainer
Laura PulsAdministrative Assistant
Lauren D'AmbrosioPhysical Therapist
Leslee OlenderPhysical Therapist
Mac ChaseDirector of Finance
Madalaine BaerMassage Therapist
Marisa CunhaPhysical Therapist
Marisa HudsonDirector of Administration
Marissa OstermanDirector of Marketing & Physical Therapist
Matthew GregoryMassage Therapist
Meagen SpringerPhysical Therapist
Meghan GilhoolyMassage Therapist
Mia FerazziVerification Coordinator
Michelle KimAcupuncturist
Mike BarresiDirector of Operations
Mike GreenfieldPersonal Trainer
Mike ShortAcupuncturist
Nicole ChaputClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Patricia ChapaPhysical Therapist
Patrick RoetzelMassage Therapist
Pete ViterittiSports Chiropractor
Peter Solis-CohenClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Renee GeorgopolisMassage Therapist
Russ RobarMassage Therapist
Ryan HolohanMassage Therapist
Sara Howell Massage Therapist
Stephanie WelchMassage Therapist
Steven BuehringPhysical Therapist
Tom ChurchMassage Therapist
Toni MarianoAdministrative Assistant

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